Sunday, November 1, 2009

New Resolve on a Pretty Typical Sunday

Today started out nicely, turned ugly for a short time right before church but only got better and has actually been peaceful and wonderful to this point. I taught RS today and I think it went well. We had a lot of visitors/investigators at church today. The flu had many 'regulars' not in attendance. I always feel so tall when I teach. I think it must be the combination of me in heels, hitting somewhere in the 5'10-11" range and a seemingly very short table to stand behind.  And of course, I finished the lesson bearing testimony in tears, something I always do despite my best efforts (the tears part, not the testimony). Still, I had a wonderful time preparing and formed a new resolve to live my life better and not waste so much time. I feel like making 'New Years' Resolutions' starting tomorrow instead of waiting two months. I just need to take baby steps. (Remind me of that when I'm feeling overwhelmed, would you?)

After church, the kids and I read a few chapter in Moroni and discovered we will finish the Book of Mormon in the morning. It has been a wonderful journey, all of us reading together, taking part in the task. I look forward to reading it again and this time spending more time studying with the kids and working on scripture mastery verses instead of just reading with a bit of discussion.

I have spent much of this afternoon reading. I curled up in my room and enjoyed looking out my bedroom window. I realized that I love the view from my bedroom window. I loved it in Provo and I love it here. I see trees turning gold and a nest in the bare branches near the top. In the top corner of my view, there is the edge of a nearby building and I smile at the fact that I live in this amazing city and yet I can lay in my bed and feel like I could be anywhere. I laid in bed for awhile reading but decided I wanted to be out with the fam, so I moved to the kitchen to read awhile longer while the cake rose in the warm oven. (Jon and I made a cake from a recipe he found on the Times.) I've never made a cake with yeast as the leavening agent, but it smells yummy.

We broke our fast with an old favorite of mine, creamed tuna and peas on toast. I know, it sounds a little nasty and to be honest, it really doesn't look super appetizing, but oh my! it is tasty grub. My mom made it when I was a kid, thus transporting me to a time when I felt unencumbered by responsibility and stress. My kids cleared their plates. I love when they do this and I can see that they love what I have made. This wasn't one of those times, rather they had been fasting and were terribly hungry. Anyway, it really doesn't matter to me why. I'm just happy to not hear complaining or scrutinizing through a meal.

The cake is just out of the oven and I am going to serve it up warm, so I'll be off. This week is sure to be a good one. The kids and I are revamping school a bit. We'll finish and start the Book of Mormon. I am planting a friends' backyard. Jon and I are jumpstarting our workout beginning tomorrow morning. All in all, I look forward to a new week and all that it brings. I hope your week is great and your outlook sunny.