Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Break and Spring Term

I am home alone and its a Tuesday morning. I haven't been home on a Tuesday morning in months. It is very quiet.

Back in January I mentioned that I would go into greater detail about school and what's going on in the department. I meant to post in February but said school has been keeping me very busy. Today in this quiet house I will attempt to post more details.

I am being lazy and don't want to get distracted so I am not going to go back and see what I posted in January about school. I don't think it was much. Here's the deal. I am at Morgan State University in Baltimore. It is an HBCU. (Anyone know that acronym?) Basically its an all-black school. I am one of very few whites to attend the university. I'll be honest, its a little strange sometimes. And lonely. I am the minority. What a switch from life as I knew it for the first 30+ years of my life. It is also a blessing. It is a challenge and every day is full of learning opportunities and room for growth. You may be wondering why I decided to go to a Morgan. Actually, I don't know that I can answer that really, except to say that is where I am supposed to be right now. (Long story). I have had a hard time making friends. I know! Can you imagine?! It's so true though. I am very non-traditional as an MSU student. I am married - with kids - BIG kids - white - in my 30's - not associated to any sororities/clubs - although I did dream that I made the track team (can you tell I have running on the brain?) I have finally made a few friends though and makes a big difference.

Last semester was great. It was incredibly difficult and rewarding and I enjoyed most every minute of it. (Isn't is nice how one's memory can alter a bit to remember the good after the fact?) I felt like things meshed from the beginning. Everything was more fluid. This semester has been choppy and disjointed so far. It's been more difficult, but I'm hanging in there. Midterms were last week and I feel like I did well. Grades will post this week, so we'll see...

I have some big decisions to make in the next few weeks. I am trying to decide how to proceed with the next portion of school. I am nearing completion of all pre-requisite courses at Morgan, but if I choose to transfer, I need to take additional classes that other universities require. This means summer school. Another option(s) is the traditional/ accelerated BS program at JHU. It is ranked #1 in the nation for nursing schools, but it has an enormous price tag to go with it. I am looking at scholarships and grants but it is still so much money. I think I'd be crazy not to at least try to get in. I am pretty positive that I can get a full-ride to Morgan or a few other schools for nursing, but I am just looking into it at this point.

So, do I spend the money and shoot for JHU? or do I attend a smaller, less expensive, less-prestigious university and do so on scholarship/grant monies? Another option would be to attend the latter and then do my Masters' at JHU a few years down the road. Hmmm... that's a thought.

What do you think? My mind is reeling.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Raising a daughter

I am grateful for this little person's creative spirit. She is a marvel. (Check out her studio threads.) 

 It's like sunshine to have her around. She is strong-willed, sensitive and clever. She's a brave little stinker when she wants to be and smart as can be.
  I worry about her more than the teenager though. She's filled with anxiety sometimes that cripples her ability to do things. I often wonder if I am the right person to raise her. That thought doesn't last long, because I cannot imagine life for one second without her in it. Still, the tasks sometimes seems daunting.  
One of my most cherished times with her is in the early morning (after Jon is at work and the kids are still sleeping) I crawl into bed with her and she wakes up slowly. We giggle and snuggle. I love that quiet precious time with her. 

Raising a daughter is a tricky business.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

A new blog and an idea

I've had this idea for awhile but after the holidays it seems like an especially great idea. See the thing is, I want very much to be healthy and strong. We're talking physically. I need a little encouragement though. I am manufacturing my own little support system with my idea. The idea is a new blog. Yes a new and wonderful blog. In the past I have undertaken these things all on my own, but I want this blog to be for many people and written by many people.

If you are interested check this out:


Yep that's the name. It in no way means I am a fast runner, but it gives me something to aspire to doesn't it?
It's not just about running, but health in general. Food, exercise, meditation, goal-setting and yes, running will all be things we talk about. Doesn't it just sound great?! I think so. What's more, it's not entirely up to me as to what we talk about or what gets posted. (I totally love that part.)

I am keeping it open for now, but in order to contribute you need a special invite from yours truly. So leave a comment or shoot me an email for an invite. If you want to read and comment but not contribute you can simply subscribe. No pressure. Check it out. Let me know what you think of the idea. Can't wait for you join me.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


I'm totally into hats these days. I wear them all the time. This has nothing to do with the fact that my hair has been thinning like crazy the last few months. My obsession started long before the hair-loss began. I love hats. I look pretty good in them. The hair I have left looks good with hats. I can wear them to church, school, the market, while driving. The only one that doesn't really work in those situations is the cowboy hat I claimed at Christmas. (It was my sisters' and had been sitting at my parents' place for a year or two so she passed it on to me.) I wore it on the plane ride home and got quite a few inquiring glances.

When Jon and I first married - nearly 15 year ago - I inherited a bunch of hats from his grandma. Until the last year or so, they have sat in a hat box in an old trunk. I finally decided I was going to give them a shot. Hooked.

You might be surprised at how much attention hats get around here. People, old and young, stop me and tell me how much they like them. All of the sudden I am "fashion conscious" because of the hats. It's a lot of fun actually. Jon is always looking for new hats for me. We go thrifting and he brings me countless hats to model. It reminds me a little of the Dr. in Field of Dreams who bought his wife hats all the time.

The only problem I have with my hat collection is how to store it. The hat box has gone from the trunk to my bedroom floor where the hats are piled up. They hang on the corners of my tall bedroom mirror. I have dreams of a fabulous hat stand that would hold 20+ hats, but I have yet to find anything that is worth buying. I think Jon will have to build me something lovely for my 35th.

Have you seen anything to hang/ store hats that got your attention? I'd love to see it if you have. Meanwhile, think of me when you see some bold women sporting a hat this season. There aren't enough of out there.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Random thoughts on a cold January morning

Driving home from dropping Jon at work this morning, I had a few random thoughts:

I sometimes listen to Christian rock on the radio and I like it. That's right. I do.

When I drop off Jon, even @ 5:30 in the morning, I often choose what shoes to wear based on whether they match my jammies. I looked sweet this morning.

If I brush my hair before bed it looks fabulous straight out of bed in the morning. (I will brush it later, but I  can leave the house feeling pretty good pretty early).

There are many people out there to whom I owe a lot. I am grateful for good, thoughtful people who are part of my life whether on a daily basis, in my past or every now and then. I hope you know who you are and if you don't I am going to try to let you know this year.

I'm glad to be home.