Thursday, January 20, 2011

A new blog and an idea

I've had this idea for awhile but after the holidays it seems like an especially great idea. See the thing is, I want very much to be healthy and strong. We're talking physically. I need a little encouragement though. I am manufacturing my own little support system with my idea. The idea is a new blog. Yes a new and wonderful blog. In the past I have undertaken these things all on my own, but I want this blog to be for many people and written by many people.

If you are interested check this out:


Yep that's the name. It in no way means I am a fast runner, but it gives me something to aspire to doesn't it?
It's not just about running, but health in general. Food, exercise, meditation, goal-setting and yes, running will all be things we talk about. Doesn't it just sound great?! I think so. What's more, it's not entirely up to me as to what we talk about or what gets posted. (I totally love that part.)

I am keeping it open for now, but in order to contribute you need a special invite from yours truly. So leave a comment or shoot me an email for an invite. If you want to read and comment but not contribute you can simply subscribe. No pressure. Check it out. Let me know what you think of the idea. Can't wait for you join me.

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