Saturday, September 19, 2009

Garden Boxes of Bolton HIll

Check these beauties out! The window boxes - not the kids.

Sis in front of an urn filled with begonias and ivy.
Boxes are filled with petunias.

E getting lost in impatiens. Wow!

A Baltimore favorite - Sweet potato vines.

The residents of Bolton Hill really take pride in their homes. These are just a few of the sites to be seen where we walk everyday.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Daddy Daughter Date

Jon doing his best to pose like he did in HS. Sis so excited she's about to jump out of her own skin.

Daddy-daughter dates are the best!

Jon took Sis to dinner and then dancing at the annual DDDance in our LDS stake here. They really go above and beyond. I've never seen anything like it. The cultural hall aka gymnasium was transformed. There was a disco ball hanging from the ceiling. The floor had been made to look like cobblestones. The tables were set in a round and in the center was dancing.  They had a violinist playing during dinner and dance instructors to help afterwards.  They even got their pictures taken (just like HS) to take home.

At one point while they were dancing Jon said Sis was looking at her feet, counting out the steps and he reminded her to look up at him and not her feet, like the instructor had told them. When she looked up, she was beaming! He said he had never seen her so lit up. It was an absolutely magical night.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Late Night

My daughter is in tune with me already. Its uncanny. You see, when I am sick I often can't sleep. My body doesn't like being horizontal and try as I may, I just can't sleep sitting up. The result? Late nights spent wishing I was sleeping. There have been nights, many in fact, where Sis can somehow sense this and wakes up inexplicably. I'll be reading or on the computer in an utterly silent house and still she wakes. She doesn't just wake, she is awake. We're talking WIDE awake. No groggy voice. No squinty eyes. Just wide awake and ready to chat. Last night was one such occasion. She came into the living room and asked if it was time to be awake. She was ready and if I had told her 1:30 am was the right time to start her day she would have done it. What resulted was a very long night with me escorting her back to bed multiple times. One such time, she came in and informed me that the cat was chasing a really fast bug in the dining room. My first thought - a roach! That had me out of bed in a hurry - which is funny because I don't know what I would have done except scream and climb up on a chair, which also would have been incredibly helpful - but turned out to be an old friend, the house centipede. Some bread and milk and a few hugs later and she was tucked in for the night. I wonder why I'm not getting better? ;)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sneaking Up

She is somewhere else in her imagination. I wish I could see what she sees.

Singing and twirling in the dining room