Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Amish Country

Can you believe I forgot the camera?! It's terrible but true. All pics were taken with my phone or Jon's. I'm going to look at it as a good excuse to go back.

First we stopped in Lancaster to get a better idea of where to go. Lancaster is a nice, windy little city. We spent some time in a museum learning about printing, then picked up a map and set off for Bird-In-Hand and Intercourse in Lancaster County, PA.

Bird-in-Hand had a nice little restaurant where we got to taste some traditional Pennsylvania Dutch fare and I got my first hot cocoa of the season.

I don't have many photos to post, but my mind is flooded with pictures. I'll tell what I see. The Amish people are beautiful. But more than that, they are happy. The people we saw riding down the roads all had smiles on their faces. All of them. It was harvest time. The men were out with their teams working the fields. It was mesmerizing to watch. I could have driven around for hours, up and down the lanes just to watch them work. Their farms are well maintained and lovely to look at. Very picturesque.

Taken from the car. It was so fascinating.
The barns were filled with tobacco leaves hanging from the rafters and the vertical slats on the barns were open for ventilation. There were traditional buggies on the roads but we also noticed another form of transportation they used. Its something like a scooter and a bike combined. There were mothers with kids along for the ride, big baskets on the fronts. My favorite was the youngish sort of man in traditional clothing on a "scooter-bike" with a cordless DeWalt drill in the basket. Oh how I wish I had had my camera for that one.

(Copied from the internet)
Along the roads there are signs out in front of many of the homes. Fresh eggs, flowers, furniture, etc. We stopped by one farm and purchased some fudge and root beer. This is not the root beer your mama makes. It is made with yeast to carbonate it. Jon loved it, as did E. Honestly, I prefer a good old fashioned Weinhards. However, the fudge was very good and the woman very nice.

We stopped at an antiques store and meandered for awhile. I found a rolling pin I felt was worthy to add to my collection and a clock for my dad for Christmas. E discovered an enormous scythe, taller than himself, that he really wanted to buy. I almost did, but decided he could and probably would get himself into trouble with it. (Now I am wishing I had gotten it as it would make Halloween costuming all but done for him.) I fell in love with a bunch of vintage hats but left them there as well. The tag does in fact say $12. I should have gotten this one. Ah, the life/ budget of a student.
We went to a quilt shop that was fabulous. I wanted to take pics of everything in the store, but it was not allowed. They had these fabulous kitschy Christmas ornaments that I so wanted to copy, but - no pictures!

He did not want this pic taken. What a good sport.

Finally, we tracked down a shop known for their "Shoo-Fly Pie". Never had it? Neither had we, but we were told we couldn't leave Amish Country without sampling it. In the end we bought an entire pie (very tasty) and a couple of postcards to take home.

The longest existing covered bridge in Pa, I think.


A beautiful old grist mill, complete with functioning water-wheel.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Washington DC with G&G Stonely

E taking on a bronze lion
(The National Building Museum is in the background.)

Another outing with Dan and Jeanne took us to DC. Neither one had been there in over 20? years. We hit a few new places this time.

The National Zoo was great. Its bigger than the Baltimore Zoo, but was under construction in many areas.

The Zoo has this amazing rope system called the O-line for the orangutans. They are able to move from one end of the zoo to the other, directly overhead the visitors. Amazing!

Courtesy of E

The panda exhibit was amazing!

Going up... Going down

I think the metro might have been E's favorite part of the day. It was the longest escalator I have ever been on. The pics don't do it justice.

Personally, I liked the National Building Museum. Never heard of it? I hadn't either until a friend clued me in. Its this enormous building within walking distance of the Mall. It showcases the environment around us and lets us discover it more fully. It celebrates interior design, architecture, construction, landscape architecture, urban planning and engineering. Sounds like a place for "grown-ups" but its for everyone. We will definitely be going back.

Many Inaugural Balls have been held in the Hall surrounding these colossal Corinthian columns.

Last stop for the day - the National Cathedral.

One word - Wow!
E and Sis are on the steps in front. They are just little specks.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Project Month - Day 4 - A Crown for Princess Mika

Project month moves forward.

A little friend of ours had a birthday. She's this smart, matter-of-fact little person and I felt she needed a crown for her big day. This is what I came up with in a matter of hours. Not too shabby, although next time I would use wool felt instead of polyester.