Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The $500 Accident

Funny how things can change in such a short time; how one can go from feeling so happy and so blessed to feelings of anger and frustration, irritation and contention. Pretty much I've figured out today it comes from a lack of gratitude on my part and losing the Spirit in some measure.

To preface things, I'll share our Saturday with you.  MICA had an open studio weekend where anyone could come into the studios of the students and look at their art and purchase it if they desired. I had prayed all week that Jon would be successful in this and that he would be able to sell a painting or two. He had also been working on these lovely notebooks/ journals (I'll post a pic when I get one) that I hoped would sell too. Well, Saturday came and to sum up, Jon was able to sell two paintings and a journal. What a fantastic success! (As students we are on a very small and sometimes non-existent budget. And regardless of Jon's efforts, he has not been able to secure summer employment which made selling some art even more important.) Another little bonus was still to come. As it is the end of the semester, the undergraduate and post-baccalaureate students clear out their spaces and there is treasure to be found. We went from floor to floor finding whatever there was that was worth keeping. The goods were random, some paints for the kids, materials for Jon, gift wrapping boxes but it was great fun. We finished the day feeling very blessed and happy with life.

Now onto the second act. Here's the story and I'll be brief. On Sunday, Jon spoke in sacrament mtg. (and did a great job BTW). We parked in the parking lot and went straight into the chapel. During the next meeting, SSchool, we discovered the key fob was missing. Not to worry. Jon hadn't been anywhere other than the chapel and the overflow, where SS is taught so we were certain we would find it quickly. As it turns out, things didn't go quite like we had hoped. After looking the building over we were unable to find it. Nothing we did turned up the key. The day finished with the car being left in the lot. On Monday little could be done as it was a holiday, so we spent our time figuring out what it would cost to replace the fob and it wasn't pretty. In addition to this little irritation, we were told about our friends' sadness with losing their baby. It wasn't a great day as these things go. 
Today... We decided to call a locksmith to open the car today. I was sure the key had to be in the car. Their was no other explanation as to how it could disappear so completely. $50 later, the car is opened, no key. The church building searched again, no key. Only choice - tow the car, $120 later, to the dealer and have a new key ordered, to the tune of roughly $350. All said, the paintings that sold Saturday made it possible to order the key and pay cash, but that's about it. So today I have been impossible. I have red puffy eyes from crying with frustration and my poor kids have been yelled at for basically nothing. After a chat with my sister and a nap, I felt much more centered. The thing that really put things in perspective was the blessing over our dinner that E gave. He thanked the Lord for all the goodness he has blessed us with, namely a home to keep us safe and food on our table. He went on to say thank you for clearing away any obstacles to our getting our key made. He thanked God for helping us to get the car open and for discovering the key not to be there and for us being able to get it towed and the order processed. All the things I had been cursing God for all day, he was giving thanks for. He opened my eyes and filled them with tears to a better perspective. So in the end, I am grateful, not for the key having been lost, but for a son who has a much greater understanding of how God works in our life and how blessed we truly are in our small adversities. I am happy to finish the day in a positive light with hope that things will work out in the end.  

Monday, May 25, 2009


Today Jon and I got some tragic news. Some dear friends of ours were expecting their first child and this afternoon they called to tell us they had lost him. She was just a few weeks from her due date. My heart aches for them and their loss. I tried to explain in to Sis, but she didn't understand. She just kept asking when she would get to see the baby and what his name was. I felt so helpless at the news. 
After pondering it this evening I have found a measure of peace. Our friends have hope and will try again to have a child after some time has passed. I don't know why things like this happen, but I do know that the Lord is near in situations like these. I honestly don't know the faith of my friends but I hope they can feel the peace of the Lord through this sad time.