Friday, January 1, 2010

Simplify! Simplify! Simplify!

My new mantra. What'd ya think? It's a good one right?! I can hardly call it new to me though. It's something I try to live by already, but lately it seems I've gotten caught up the craziness of this world and I needed to remind myself again.

In trying to simplify, I always find myself creating more chaos than I resolve. This time, I am doing two things differently. First off, I am a list maker. My mother is a list maker and I am guessing that is where I got it from. This isn't something I have loved about myself because I never feel like I finish a list - NEVER!! I just about get there and then I revise and add and start all over again. Also, the lists I make are all over the place. Short-term to-do's mixed with things that will span months. So this time I am changing it up a bit. I am making lists that make sense. I have a list of things that will take less than a week and things that are more long-term.