Saturday, September 12, 2009

So Helpful

A little explanation... As a pup, Jack was kennel trained. As a result, he often feels safest when he has a roof overhead. He's always under the table whenever anyone is sitting at it. He likes to be under the desk when anyone is using the computer. And his latest - he likes to be under my sewing table when I am sewing. He's weighs more than 90 pounds and my desk is quite small. It's really the most helpful thing.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Birthday #8

I can't believe we made it! She's eight. It's official. I watched home videos today of when she was smaller. Sadly, I hardly remember some of it. I remember her being a sweet, happy baby though. She had everyone wrapped around her little finger. Not too much has changed, except now she speaks instead of screams(mostly), stills giggles a lot and she makes sure everyone is listening.

Instead of a kid-party this year, Sis decided she wanted to have all her favorite people over for pizza and cupcakes. This was much more appealing to me so we fired up the pizza stone and cranked out about a dozen pizzas for 25 of Sis' nearest and dearest, ranging from a 3-month old to many, many grown-ups. She asked everyone to wear masks and knowing Sis' love of all things Phantom, one grown-up friend even came as the Phantom, tux, mask and all. Thanks Daniel.
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Sissy......

New tradition of opening presents at breakfast. I mean really, why wait?

Bigger boys had their own pizza party on the deck.

I love the look on her face. She's genuinely thrilled!

We're blessed to live here and have so many fabulous people to call family. Happy Birthday Sis!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Sis!

My baby is eight today. She's such a funny, creative, pretty, vibrant young girl. She drives me crazy one minute and has me in stitches the next. I can't imagine life without her. Happy birthday you crazy beautiful girl!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Deep Sick Thoughts

I woke up late this morning after another night spent unable to breathe through my nose. Initially I woke early with a raging case of cramps, but after taking care of necessities I tucked myself back into bed, curled in the fetal position, thinking tragic poor-me thoughts. Being sick (this time) has revealed to me that I am an impatient person. I didn't think I was impatient by nature, but the truth has been revealed. Another morsel I discovered about myself is how much I take my health for granted. By and large I am a healthy person, or rather I don't often get sick. I have come to see these as being two very different things. Not getting sick does not make me healthy. It makes me lucky. I am fortunate to have not been unwell much in my life. I have only ever been in the hospital to have babies. I spent loads of time in the ER as a kid, most of which can be explained away by my lack of grace. I haven't had stitches, that I can recall. I've broken plenty of bones, but again - only as a kid. In fact, the first year we lived here in Baltimore, I can hardly remember being sick at all. We went the whole winter without catching anything. Nothing. Not one of us. Amazing right?!
I have been sick for two weeks now, since the drive home from the beach. I feel like I should have lost weight as I haven't been able to taste much this week and I have been expelling massive amounts of nasal debris daily. Not the case unfortunately. Oh well. I know it will pass and I will be well again. I do want to be well. But more importantly, I want to be healthy. I am going to take better care of this great gift I have been given - my body, my life. Here's to a healthier me.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

When I Grow Up...

Sis is going to be eight this week. For the last few days she has been saying, when I grow up... (fill-in-the-blank).
Take for instance our trip to the grocery store today. She wanted to buy three bags of marshmallows. I said no. She said: When I grow up I am going to buy them all the time. I got the same response for everything I rejected. I told her I hope she has a good job.

My favorite conversation took place while we made rolls for dinner. I was telling her how I loved chicken noodle soup and rolls because when I was little and it was a cold day or someone was sick, my mom would always make it for us. She thought about this for a minute and said:

Sis: When I grow up I am going to buy lots of movies for my kids. Kid movies. Grown-up movies. Shows.
Me: What kinds of movies?
Sis: The Office
Me: Why do you like The Office? (which she's not allowed to watch BTW)
Sis: The jokes.
Me: Really? (said while trying to suppress a smile)
A pause...
Sis: I'm hariess(sp?)
Me: You're an heiress?
Sis: No, it starts with an H.
Me: (after thinking for a moment) You're hilarious?
Sis: Yes, I'm hilarious.

Yes Sis, you are hilarious. Sometimes I wish I could stop you from growing up at all. Just don't do it too fast okay?

Monday, September 7, 2009


Its 10:00 Monday morning, aka Labor Day. Jon and I are staring at each other wondering what to do with our free day.
M: How 'bout Gettysburg?
J: Sounds good. Let's go.
(If only all decisions were so easy...)
Half an hour later, with a full tank, a cooler full of food, book for Et, art goods for Sis and tunes for Jon and I - we're off.

We couldn't have asked for a more perfect day. It was cool and overcast but not raining. There were people there, but I wouldn't call it crowds. We spent an hour at the museum and many hours more touring the battlefield - which is enormous BTW. I don't know how much Esther even understood. Et was amazed, as were Jon and I. I won't bother to write me feelings about the place except to say it is hallowed ground and I was completely overwhelmed at times. If you haven't been there, these pics will seem random.

The HighWater Mark - where's Pickett's Charge took place.

The Pennsylvania - The largest monument in the Park.

at Devils Den

E remembered all the names of the different battlefield areas. I thought he understood and would remember some names and battles. Apparently it had more of an impact than I thought. (Me with a big smile.)