Tuesday, September 8, 2009

When I Grow Up...

Sis is going to be eight this week. For the last few days she has been saying, when I grow up... (fill-in-the-blank).
Take for instance our trip to the grocery store today. She wanted to buy three bags of marshmallows. I said no. She said: When I grow up I am going to buy them all the time. I got the same response for everything I rejected. I told her I hope she has a good job.

My favorite conversation took place while we made rolls for dinner. I was telling her how I loved chicken noodle soup and rolls because when I was little and it was a cold day or someone was sick, my mom would always make it for us. She thought about this for a minute and said:

Sis: When I grow up I am going to buy lots of movies for my kids. Kid movies. Grown-up movies. Shows.
Me: What kinds of movies?
Sis: The Office
Me: Why do you like The Office? (which she's not allowed to watch BTW)
Sis: The jokes.
Me: Really? (said while trying to suppress a smile)
A pause...
Sis: I'm hariess(sp?)
Me: You're an heiress?
Sis: No, it starts with an H.
Me: (after thinking for a moment) You're hilarious?
Sis: Yes, I'm hilarious.

Yes Sis, you are hilarious. Sometimes I wish I could stop you from growing up at all. Just don't do it too fast okay?

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Ingrid said...

Sure miss that cute girl, chubby but growing taller, those cute cheeks, that cute pudgy belly, her silly shyness she always turned on for me, her giggle, her crookedy front teeth, her pout...... wow, miss her a lot. Happy Birthday Esther!