Saturday, March 12, 2011

Raising a daughter

I am grateful for this little person's creative spirit. She is a marvel. (Check out her studio threads.) 

 It's like sunshine to have her around. She is strong-willed, sensitive and clever. She's a brave little stinker when she wants to be and smart as can be.
  I worry about her more than the teenager though. She's filled with anxiety sometimes that cripples her ability to do things. I often wonder if I am the right person to raise her. That thought doesn't last long, because I cannot imagine life for one second without her in it. Still, the tasks sometimes seems daunting.  
One of my most cherished times with her is in the early morning (after Jon is at work and the kids are still sleeping) I crawl into bed with her and she wakes up slowly. We giggle and snuggle. I love that quiet precious time with her. 

Raising a daughter is a tricky business.


LeAnn said...

I could not say it any different. I am sometimes overwhelmed by the task of raising Marisa.

She too is anxiety ridden and is afraid of the strangest things. It keeps her from even doing the things she wants to do. Then... out of nowhere, she is extremely brave, like at pre-school.

And you would think that I would be more understanding of her shy personality having gone through it myself, but I just wish it away. Too bad that doesn't work.

You are a great mother and and perfect for her.

ang said...

No one better than you to do it.

G&A said...

I agree, you are the perfect woman for the job because she will forever have a vision of your strength to guide her through the nervous moments.