Thursday, January 13, 2011


I'm totally into hats these days. I wear them all the time. This has nothing to do with the fact that my hair has been thinning like crazy the last few months. My obsession started long before the hair-loss began. I love hats. I look pretty good in them. The hair I have left looks good with hats. I can wear them to church, school, the market, while driving. The only one that doesn't really work in those situations is the cowboy hat I claimed at Christmas. (It was my sisters' and had been sitting at my parents' place for a year or two so she passed it on to me.) I wore it on the plane ride home and got quite a few inquiring glances.

When Jon and I first married - nearly 15 year ago - I inherited a bunch of hats from his grandma. Until the last year or so, they have sat in a hat box in an old trunk. I finally decided I was going to give them a shot. Hooked.

You might be surprised at how much attention hats get around here. People, old and young, stop me and tell me how much they like them. All of the sudden I am "fashion conscious" because of the hats. It's a lot of fun actually. Jon is always looking for new hats for me. We go thrifting and he brings me countless hats to model. It reminds me a little of the Dr. in Field of Dreams who bought his wife hats all the time.

The only problem I have with my hat collection is how to store it. The hat box has gone from the trunk to my bedroom floor where the hats are piled up. They hang on the corners of my tall bedroom mirror. I have dreams of a fabulous hat stand that would hold 20+ hats, but I have yet to find anything that is worth buying. I think Jon will have to build me something lovely for my 35th.

Have you seen anything to hang/ store hats that got your attention? I'd love to see it if you have. Meanwhile, think of me when you see some bold women sporting a hat this season. There aren't enough of out there.


Amber Jane said...

You know who wears hats all the time? Madie Nibley. It's pretty awesome.

LaurieJ said...

I want more pictures of you in your hats!

Karen T said...

That's so awesome! I always wanted to be one of those ladies with a ton of cool hats.

Madison and Malachi Hughes said...

Thanks Am! Mishel, we both have the same problem. Lots of hats, no space. What do we do? i want to humbly(but with a hint of pride) want to display them, but i don't want them to get ruined. When ever we see eachother next, we are going hat shopping. There's a store in SLC called Decades and it's only vintage clothing for a reasonable price so that is where we shall enjoy eachother's company. Love you. let me know if you find a solution