Thursday, August 13, 2009

What are you Reading?

We have been in Baltimore for almost a year now. It has been a wonderful experience, one that required some adjusting, but I finally feel like I am settled. I have felt mostly settled for a long time, but not completely. Last week while reading, I stopped and had to laugh. It was official, I was settled, complete again. I realized how many books I was reading, 4; five if you count the scriptures. (I've always loved reading. As a child I remember reading for hours in the summer outside under a shade tree. Confession: Even in high school when I would skip school, I would go to the library to read. Reading is a part of who I am.) You see, before we moved, I was always reading multiple books. After we moved here and I took on the role of full-time homeschooling mom amongst other things, I didn't make time to read like before. I was primarily reading books relating to my kids, their education, how to fit it all in, etc. Not varied enough to say the least. One problem I have is that I can't just read one book at a time. I am a multi-tasker. It's what I do.

Here's a peek at the books I am currently reading:

I have wanted to learn to knit for ages and I am teaching myself with books from the library. However this book isn't about how to knit, rather it's a journey of one knitters' life and the healing power she discovered in her craft. So far its got a thumbs-up from me.
As a homeschooling mom, I have checked these books(above and below) out at the library more times than I care to admit. Sis has struggled some with reading. (She loves to hear stories read aloud, but becomes easily frustrated when reading on her own.) Both books are filled with lists that I have been using while writing curriculum and schedules for the coming year. I have found the Read-Aloud Handbook to be so full of interesting information that I find myself telling Jon everything I have read at the end of the day. I feel empowered as a parent when I read something that I had been doing well already and I feel hopeful at the future when I find a new idea that I think will help. I liked both of these books so much, that I finally decided to buy them instead of worrying about returning them on time. They are not just for homeschoolers. I would say they are for any parent who wants to instill a love of reading in their children. Truly wonderful books, both of them.
And finally, The Lightning Thief (the book at the top) is the first in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. E first read it in 3rd grade and loved it. He has since read the entire series multiple times. I have wanted to read them too but hadn't gotten around to it until now. It's a clever book that I have a difficult time putting down. As there are five books in the series, and I am certain to not finish them all before going on vacation, I will be taking the unread books to the coast where they are sure to devour much of my beach time.

There you have it, my current reading life in a nutshell. I find that when I am reading so much that I am on the verge of ignoring my kids and letting the house go to the dogs, or in this case, the dog and cat, I am happy. Before you start to worry, I said verge. Rest assured, the kids are well, they are fed and if I know anything, probably off reading somewhere themselves.

So let me ask... What are you reading?


Ingrid said...

Right now: re-reading "Peace Like A River." I have said to myself that I would re-read certain books someday, and I have never done it, so I started (re-started) it the other night. Also, reading Dale Carnegie's "How to stop worrying and start living." I am not a big worrier, but it was sitting there on the shelf, and well, it jumped into my hand. Plus, Jacob in the BoM, and any various cookbooks and blogs that I happen upon. They don't really count, but ya know, I'm reading them anyway.

Emily said...

I just finished reading The Book Thief and it was incredible! Loved it. I haven't found a new one to read yet, but I am on the look-out.

Andrea and Dave said...

Mishel, I love your books that you are reading. I'm reading the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. You know, I started reading Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand in 2001. Haven't picked it up since, but am still interested in finishing it and I'd still know exactly what is going on. Am I still multitasking if it is 8 years later?