Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Project Month - Day 26 & 27 Applesauce and more Pumpkin Bread

I am too tired to post pics. I may add a few later. It's just been one of those days.

Day 26 - Impromptu applesauce making last night. Looks lovely and is as delicious as "nectar from heaven" according to Jon.

Day 27 - More pumpkin bread. Made six, but only three made it to the freezer before being eaten or given away. Chocolate chip cookies with the works tonight. Hopeful a greater percentage will make it into the freezer than the pumpkin bread.

I'm tired. I want cocoa.


Ingrid said...

By all means, DRINK SOME COCOA!

DWT said...

Ooooh, I had hot cocoa with breakfast on Monday. I think that is what made it such a great morning. Why is all this talk of autumnal treats not convincing me to go to the kitchen and make some? Hmmmmmm

LaurieJ said...

I'm tired just reading about what you do!! :-)