Sunday, June 13, 2010


I am officially training for a half. I am not yet committed to a marathon, but I am on board for a half. I knew if I didn't choose a race, time would pass with me half-heartedly training and I would regret the lost weeks. So.... without further ado I announce to you my race of choice - Montour Trail Half Marathon on September 11 in glamorous Pittsburgh, PA. I chose Pittsburgh because of its equidistance for my sister and I. It is 87 days away roughly 12 weeks from Saturday. A dear friend and supporter in UT is helping me with weekly fitness plans and moral support. I also have friends in UT who are in training themselves for a race on the same day. I am excited and feeling motivated. I have two additional races picked out for the fall, but I will keep those under wraps for now. On my mark...

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Em and Ty said...

Good for you! I too have such a hard time sticking to a running schedule unless there is something on the calendar that I am working toward, and I'm glad that you get to run the half with your sister. I just did one in May and it would have been so much more difficult had I not done it with some great running buddies.

Good luck!