Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Thanksgiving in Ohio

Sis and Mads. G&G bought them matching pj's.
Et and Max putting together a Bionicle. Peas in a pod those two.
Jen and Levi. That little nerf gun from Bingo was too much fun!
Gramma Lizzy and Grandpa Bucky - we have missed you terribly!

Okay, so maybe I'm not supposed to post twice on the same day, but I was a slacker last week and I need to catch up, so you get to see twice as much today as usual. Lucky for you, really.

Ohio was fabulous! The drive was long and the kids didn't want to sleep, but we survived. My parents were there already. Oh how I have missed them! The food was fabulous and the weather perfectly agreeable.  Lou and I went on a run. We played Bingo, as per an old family tradition. Esther cleaned up at Bingo. We had a great night, Lou, Nate, Jen, Levi, Jon and I, playing cards and laughing, talking. I miss that. I miss being with my sisters. 
Cousin time is the best. Max and Madie get cuter every time we see them.  It's almost like having two more kids, but not... if you see what I mean. 
There is so much to be thankful for this year. We all have different things that we are grateful for, so I won't post mine, but take a second to think about what means the most to you.


Steph Swindle said...

Esther is looking pretty darn cute--cheek squeezable! Why isn't Jen engaged yet/

Bek and Rach said...

I love the Jammers!!! They are so cute.