Friday, January 9, 2009

Favorite Friday...

So I am stealing this idea from a friends' blog, but I am tweaking it a bit. Instead of posting a new pic of her favorite celebrity, I am posting a random favorite of mine whether it be in food, movies, books, clothing stores, people, etc. You get the gist and tonight I am posting two, just to get the ball rolling. 

First, a little background...
We have started something new here in Baltimore that I love. We read together in the evenings when we are all home together. A friend here told me how her family does this and they really enjoy it. We try to pick a book that will interest everyone and that isn't too long. With this book, we got the book on cd at the library as well so we could listen to it in the car. It only took us 2-3 days to get through and it was wonderful.
The book: The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo. The story appeals to a huge range of ages. It is silly at times, sweet and sentimental others and wonderfully written. The illustrations are beautiful. This is a new favorite of mine, for kids and adults alike.
Yes folks, that is a ladle for a handle on the door. Love it!
The other favorite has, of course, to do with food.  We have been trying to explore the different neighborhoods in Baltimore. Whether it be just a drive through a new area or finding some place to buy yarn, a thrift store or a place to find cheese we are finding all sorts of great new places. A fabulous find and this weeks' favorite was a little shop called Soups On in Hampden. They had these yummy little pot pies and delicious soup with crusty bread. We were there for an early lunch, so the four of us split a bowl and a pie. To wash it down, we got steamy cups of cocoa and cider and homemade cookies to boot. The atmosphere was charming, only seating a dozen or so people. The owner was very friendly and the food fabulous. If you're ever in Baltimore, Soups On is a must stop. 

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