Sunday, January 4, 2009

Finally... A Carrot Cake Worth Eating

I am finally finished with my quest. I have been looking for years, rather unsuccessfully I might add, for a store-bought carrot cake worth the eating. Any cake has serious calories and carrot cake is no exception with the customary cream-cheese frosting. So to find one that is worth the calories is amazing. This cake meets all my criteria: moist but not soggy, good texture and loaded with all the mixins' but not too heavy, real pieces of carrot; the frosting has to be smooth and creamy, but not too thick and not too sweet. The portion size is good.  The presentation is nice enough. I tell you what... this cake is it. It's perfect. And with eight servings a box, it'll feed a group or one person for a very long time (it's in the freezer aisle). I especially like that the frosting is only on the top of the cake. 

So take it from the carrot cake connoisseur... If you want a carrot cake with all the right stuff and you don't want to bake - this one's for you!!


Beth schell said...

wow, to get Mishel's endorsement, that must be some cake. i might be inspired to try it.

Ingrid said...

Have you ever had the carrot cake from Tucanos? If not, I know somewhere we need to visit next time you come out here! Oooooh, yummy! I can bake a decent carrot cake too.... now I'm thinking we need to taste-test between three cakes. Sounds fun, no? :o)

Unknown said...

Never tried the Tucano's cake. I am game if you are.. One problem - sadly no Trader Joe's in UT right? We'll have to figure something out.