Saturday, January 3, 2009

1000 Yards of Ribbon

My crazy plan began with ten spools - 100 yards each, 4 widths, 7 colors, a measuring tape, a sharp pair of sewing scissors and a very long kitchen table. I figured the lengths I wanted and then threw that out the window as I cut random lengths by sight, instead of measurement. 
This pic was shot with my phone, so the colors aren't completely true. Regardless, it was so beautiful and vibrant, so festive and shiny. I felt like a little girl looking at all those pretty ribbons.
Before moving to the next stage I had to attach the ribbons to a heavy gauge wire (I ended up using copper electricians' wire). To do that, I had to move the ribbon to the other room. This is me in transit with 1000 yards wrapped around my shoulders. Pretty sweet huh?! You get a little peek at the snowflakes in that shot too.
The ceiling height in the living room is 14'. The ladder is only 8'. The ribbon, though not terribly heavy was awkward to try and attach to the light. (Sidenote: Jon had to rehang the light before I actually attached everything to it because the original installer was, and I quote "a nimrod". :) Basically, it was not secure to the ceiling and the ribbons would have ripped it right out of its socket.)Anyway, for a girl who doesn't like heights, this was a challenge. In the end, Jon had the long arms and know-how to hang the ribbons securely when I was unable to do so.
"Beam me up Scotty" in style! This area was a favorite for Jack! He loved to sit underneath of it, with his head in the middle. Sorry - no pics of that.
I promise you'll get more pics when I actually finish the project. I am farther along than this, but I only wanted to post the first stage for now. When it is all finished, I will post everything so you can see the final result.

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Lorilee said...

You are seriously so cute and your home looks amazing. I loved the post with all the different doors. I fell in love with cool doors and windows when we went to Europe too. can't wait to see the finished product.