Monday, December 29, 2008

Gingerbread Heaven and New Traditions

We love the nativity around here. We have half a dozen of them to display for Christmas. This year we had a new addition. It's a little different in that everything about it is edible. Not too shabby huh?
In years past, we have made gingerbread houses to start the holidays off. This usually happens around Thanksgiving, but this year we were a bit slow. We ended up decorating the gingerbread on Christmas Day. 
I am all about traditions during the holiday season and decided I wanted to start a new tradition this year. Instead of making only a gingerbread house, I made a gingerbread nativity too. I did it all freehand this year and I think it turned out great. 
Jon did most of the decorating of the nativity and all the decor on the house. This is definitely a tradition we will keep.


Tanner Family said...

I love it! I love Nativitys too!

The Mathews Family said...

You are so nice! The 'order' that you talked about is most likely due to the fact that I moved the clutter behind the camera when I took pictures. *wink*

What a beautiful nativity! You did that freehand? Amazing! I love that you are blogging and that we can keep in touch. I love all of the moulding and fixtures in your home. Beautiful! It sounds like you guys are doing great. Talk to you soon.
P.S. When exactly in the last few months did Esther grow up so quickly? Holy Cow!!!

Kelley ♥ a bunch of apples said...

Hi!! I am so glad you have a blog. I was so excited to see your card -we miss you guys! I didn't actually get around to cards this year, oh well :( It looks like you are doing great and having many adventures. Get me your email address and I will invite you to my blog.

Bek and Rach said...

Hey where are the pics of the inside of the house. All the ribbon?