Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bolton Hill for the Holidays

Anyone who knows Baltimore knows that it is all about its neighborhoods. (This is probably true of most bigger cities, but I only know Baltimore so that is what I am drawing on.)
The fabulous little neighborhood we live in is Bolton Hill. We love it here for many reasons, but I'll just share a few. For one, it is conveniently close to MICA where Jon is attending school. Also, we are equally close to church. In addition, it's convenient with a Rite-Aid, a Sav-a-Lot and a hardware store just a block away. We're close, but not too close to Downtown, Penn Station and only 20 minutes to the airport. We are two miles from the zoo and the Aquarium and just a bit more to the Science Center. And for Baltimore standards :), we feel pretty safe here. But finally, the real reason for this post... it is simply charming. Take a look...
Bolton Hill has the prettiest little streets of rowhouses. Nearly all the homes in Bolton Hill and Baltimore for that matter, are rowhouses - which is why they all pretty much have the same configuration: 2 long, narrow windows and a door.

Okay, I know it is serious overkill with the pictures today, but you'll recognize when I really am excited about something by the number of pics I post - hence the two dozen+ photos today.
Quite a few home-owners went all out, decorating all three levels of their rowhouses. I love it!

In Italy I began a new love affair with doors. Not any old doors, doors with personality, beauty and individuality. Before Italy I had never seen so many said doors and I must have taken 100 pictures of them last summer.  Baltimore has captured my heart in the same way. I love the stoops here, the way they all say something different to me.  

And finally the windows and their beautiful boxes... When we arrived in August, the windowboxes of Bolton Hill were overflowing with the most stunning displays of nasturtiums, impatiens, ivy, petunias, dahlias, zinnias, passionflower, bougainvillea and the favorite sweet potato vine.  I didn't think the boxes could get any lovelier until the Garden Club had their annual fundraiser. 

I only snapped a few pictures as it was getting late and I was losing the light, but you can see how striking they are.  For any of you copycats out there, myself included, let me tell you some of the plants used. Magnolia was a favorite, as were bays and laurels. Yews, box and juniper were popular too. I loved the wreaths and garlands with fruit on them - apples, pears, nuts too.

Who am I kidding, even without Christmas decorations, I love the architecture of Bolton Hill. I wander the streets with the kids and Jack in tow with a big smile on my face for the beauty of this place. Simply charming, beautiful, unique and for 18 months more, I get to be a part of it. 
Ingrid, have you discovered your secret blessing for the day? I have! :)


The Mathews Family said...

Looking at all of your gorgeous pictures I can't help but think that you are right smack dab in your element there! Heavenly! Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures with us!

Ingrid said...

I need daily reminders to search for a secret blessing. Well, I guess today it was getting to go out to lunch with Francine, whom I haven't seen in months-- and we tried all week to get together for lunch and FINALLY today--Friday-- we made it happen! I had to take Julia, and she was a perfect angel, sitting in the high chair and chewing on a tea-bag wrapper the whole hour! I sure got a good little girl! And the lunch was great-- a nice salad and those yummy Guru's sweet potato fries!

Your photos of the houses are beautiful-- wow-- just gorgeous. I can TOTALLY see why you love it there. Can't wait to see you!