Sunday, December 28, 2008

Polar Express 4D

So let's backtrack to last week...
The Aquarium in Baltimore has been showing the Polar Express in 4D since mid-November. After Jon finished classes, we decided we had to go. All I can say is   WOW!! It was fabulous! If you have never been to a 4D show, let me tell you, it is an experience. They are short, to be sure, but jam packed for the 15 minutes you get. Everybody liked something different. Esther kept talking about (for days afterwards) the hot chocolate scene where you could smell the cocoa.  Jon liked that too and the pine smell as well. Et and I both really liked the roller coaster scene and we all like the swirling snowflakes in the air.  It was a total blast! 
For those of you who don't know about 4D, it is incredible. You get everything a 3D show offers, plus smells, movement (in, under and behind your chair), things in the air (bubbles, snow, wind) and water spraying you occasionally (like when the train is skidding across the ice and when it clears the ice on the other side). 
It was fun for everyone and definitely something we would do again.  It really brought the movie to life.

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Ashlee said...

Hey Lady,
I have to say that your Christmas card was my top favorite this year. I'm so glad you guys are doing well. I'm sure the experience back east is one you will cherish. We love you guys and hope you had a merry Christmas. Ash