Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas to All and to All a Good Night!!

We love Christmas! What a blessed time of year this is. There is so much to be grateful for and so much that brings joy.
This is our biggest Christmas tree to date, standing at just over 11' tall and more than 5' wide!
(I had to post two pics so you could see Sis in front, to have a reference point. She looks superimposed to me and she is too adorable to be real.)

Elder K and the kids reading C&H, drinking root beer in the morning and playing with my iPhone.

We were blessed this Christmas to have the missionaries over for the day, Elders K and B. We love these Elders! Sadly, Elder B was sick with a bad fever for most of the day. We were also blessed to have two other families join us for Christmas dinner. For this being our first Christmas away from family, we sure felt blessed and experienced so much peace.
Elder B and Et reading Calvin and Hobbes. Et got the Complete  Collection. It was a big hit!
Esther with her jewelry box. Jon had a friend make special boxes for the kids. Et's was a secret compartmented puzzle box. He got really fast at opening it.
Book 1 of the Series. I think this was almost better than a Lego set to him... almost.
Esther had been wanting a camera for awhile. She must have been on the nice list.
He is growing up so fast and becoming so witty, so much fun and so tall. I love to see him with the missionaries. He'll be there before we can imagine! He's really such a terrific kid!
Esther is becoming so beautiful and is getting sweeter everyday. She loved her bear from Jon's parents and named her Shirley Temple.
Jack was content to chase wrapping paper and tear it to shreds. He got a new rope to chew on.


ang said...

Merry Christmas Stonelys!! You are ALL adorable!

Ramona said...

yeah bigger font! Thanks! Now I can read it all so easily--love it! Really, I can hardly believe that is your Christmas tree! I just can't picture that you guys have such a giant bushy one! It is beautiful! I love that you like Twilight. Go read my Twilight post a few posts back on my blog--I love it!! Happy New Year!

joleen said...

I love your tree! Everybody looks so cozy and happy!!