Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Short and Sweet

Long story, I'll make short.
The furnace wasn't working well for a day & a half (62 in the dining room/maybe 60 degrees in the rest of the house). We were sitting in the dining room (warmest room in the house) on the floor - kids doing schoolwork, me writing a talk. Why on the floor you ask? The heater vents run along the entire south wall.
I thought Sis fell asleep in her book. It was so freakin' cute. Turns out...
Not sleeping. Just "resting her eyes", zoning, faking, who knows? Still, too cute.
I love this little person and I love this pic. It's so totally, completely her.

(Just a short one today as I am posting my finished ribbon-project tomorrow.)


ang said...

i've been waiting to see that ribbon project!!

The Mathews Four said...

She is growing so quickly! What a cute little girl. I can't wait to see your ribbon post, too. Did I miss your snowflakes?

Danielle said...

This is so so cute! I love your family picture you put at the top!