Saturday, April 18, 2009

First Sunburn of the Season and Hopefully the Last

Oh what a beautiful morning!... Oh what a beautiful day! And it was has been exactly that.

It is currently 76 outside and I have been loving it. This morning as I was dressing to run, Sis decided she wanted to come along. How do I tell an excited little person she can't come? I don't. We went up to the reservoir to exercise. (The Druid Hill Reservoir is a favorite place for people to bike, run or walk around. They have stations around the reservoir with exercise equipment like rowing machines, ellipticals, leg presses, pull-up bars, sit-up inclines, and more - permanently installed there. It is on the edge of Druid Hill Park which has trails and baseball diamonds and playgrounds scattered throughout. The Baltimore Zoo is in the middle of the park as is the Rawlings Botanical Gardens and the Conservatory. It is one of my favorite places to run, in large part because it is safe and close to home.) Much to our surprise, Eco Fair 2009 was setting up for the day so we had a small change of plans. They had these beautiful beach cruisers that you could "borrow" if you left some collateral. Esther got on a smaller bike and I got a gorgeous little blue number to zoom around on. We were out for an hour zipping through the adjacent park and along the trails. I haven't been on a bike since we moved and I forgot how free I feel on a comfy two-wheeler. Sis was fabulous. She didn't complain a bit and wanted to "race" every minute possible. I was in a long-sleeve tee at the beginning but it got deliciously warm so I shed it for the tank underneath. No sunscreen. None. Not a drop. What can I say, I didn't intend to find a shiny beach cruiser with my name on it for an hour. To make a long story a bit longer, I got cooked. Or as Kramer would say it... "Put a fork in me. I'm done". 

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