Sunday, May 10, 2009

They Teach Us

Last Sunday after church, I was talking to Sis about what she had learned in Primary. She mentioned that a boy in her class had not been coming for a long while now. (Like many kids in our area, his mother is a single mom and she has a heavy work schedule that often prevents her from coming on Sundays.) I suggested that she pray for this boy during the week that he might come next Sunday. All week long she remembered to include him in her prayers without any reminding from me. It was such a simple and sweet gesture. To be honest, I had forgotten about it this morning until we got to church and Sis recognized his mother in the chapel. She searched the room to find J and when her eyes fixed upon him, she was so happy. He had made it! He came to church. She turned to me with the brightest eyes. I whispered to her that her prayers had been answered. My heart was filled as I recognized the truth in that. God hears our prayers. We have such power within us to harness the forces of heaven for such miracles as these. 

As I entered VT reports later in the day, I felt impressed to write some things down as I saw them. There were sisters who were struggling financially, emotionally, or spiritually or who's work schedules, health or other circumstances were preventing them from attending. As I read their names, I knew that even if I could do nothing to relieve their immediate hardship, I could pray for them. That is something we all can do. 
Listening to my daughters' prayers all week reminded me of that. By exercising our faith and asking God for strength, wisdom, patience, relief or whatever we or others around us stand in need of, we all can lift each others burdens and help to make our lives and the lives of those we know better.


LeAnn said...

what a sweet story. One you'll want to remember for sure.

Summer Owens said...

You know Count Dooku mentioned to me today that "Hey, J is here. he hasn't been here for a while!"

What a tender heart your little daughter has.

Kelley ♥ a bunch of apples said...

that is just awesome!

Danielle said...

that is so sweet.