Friday, July 31, 2009

Thrift Store Shopping in OH

I need to find a thrift store here in Baltimore like the one we went to in OH. It was chock full of very nice, hardly worn clothes and it was 50% off all clothes today. I know I am not alone in this feeling, but my kids are growing like weeds and I find it difficult to keep my kids dressed without breaking the bank. I can't imagine how people with more children keep their kids clothed without spending seven fortunes. We stocked up for another 6-12 months for very little money. Thank goodness for thrift stores.
My "new" shoes. I wore them around the store the entire time we shopped. I have been wearing flip-flops or running shoes all summer and initially it felt so constricting to have my foot enclosed in a shoe. I'm glad I wore them around though. I ended loving them.
This was my favorite buy of the day. I have another pair or prana pants and I adore them. They are years old and they just get better as they age, kind-of like me in that respect. These pants are so fabulous, I want to live in them. They were NWT and in case you can't see the label, it says $53. I got them half-price for $2.50. (And yes, I am letting the world that I am a 10.)


Ingrid said...

You are not only lucky, you are plain old awesome! Have fun with your deals. Wish I could find a great store like that here in town. D.I. has jack where kids are concerned, too many of us in the same financial boat here I guess. ;-)

Andrea said...

Mishel, I remember you always being bare foot when we were kids. You had the toughest feet ever. It was awesome.