Saturday, October 3, 2009

Project Month - Day 3 - Conference Saturday and Scrabble Pieces

I love this day. I do. What a tremendous opportunity to listen to a prophets' voice and be together all weekend.
We are all set for Conference, meaning there are ever so many bowls of sweet and savory things to eat and everyone has something to keep their hands busy while we listen. My hands will be busy with two projects.

First, my sis Loree (who has been banned from this blog for the month as we have their family for Christmas and I will be posting photos of many of their gifts) loves words. She is a boggle-nut! I am making her Scrabble magnets for her fridge as Boggle pieces are far too heavy for this. This is one of those ten minute projects that I've had everything I needed to complete - except the desire - for awhile now. Some magnets, a hot glue gun and Scrabble letters. Too easy!!

Secondly, it is October and in this house, we love Halloween almost as much as Christmas. My other project is cutting out bats. (This is a such tedious job. I am rethinking my initial decision not to buy them precut for $7/8 at Target and save more poor hands. But alas, I have time and not money, so off we go.) Little 5" baby bats to nearly 20" mama bats are going to be hanging from the ceiling. For those of you who remember the snowflakes in the dining room, I've repurposed the fishing line that has been collecting dust for the last six months and they'll be hosting bats and possibly a few ghosts for the next four weeks, although not nearly as many as there were snowflakes.

Later that day...

She'll love these. It makes me want a set of my own. All that's left is to wrap.

This one is going to take a bit more time. I need to cut more bats and ghosts, but so far I like how its looking.


Unknown said...

oh love the bats i think i will have to do that. thanks for the idea.

Cameron/Melissa said...

That is a great idea on the scrabble tiles.... and I like the bats too. Where did you buy the tiles? I have someone who would be perfect for that for Christmas.

Unknown said...

The tiles are from an extra scrabble game I picked up at a yard sale. Look at thrift stores too. Last resort - you can buy them online, but the people selling them have found them in one of the first two places and raised the price to make a profit.