Thursday, October 1, 2009

Project Month - Day 1

Its October! Its fall! It feels like it. And... Its project month here.

Having slacked a bit with company in town, I am way behind on my Christmas Countdown and I have some catching-up to do. I am openly copying a friend on this one because I thought it was such a great idea. Thanks Becky! Also, I'm starting this a bit late and will carry it into November to get a full month out of it. I have fit a few projects in here and there and will post pics soon. I wanted to post a list of some of the projects I am planning.

Here's the idea. I'm going to complete as many projects in the month as I can. I'm trying to complete as much of my homemade gift list as possible during this time. I'll be doing Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Some are finishing things up that have needed my attention for awhile - aka mending, incomplete sewing projects. There are those that will takes weeks to complete and others will take 10 minutes. A bunch will be in the sewing department and many more in the kitchen. I'm not a "crafty" person by nature, but there will be activities for the kids to do during school time that I'll post. Some of you will be the recipients of these projects aka gifts. So when Christmas rolls around and you receive one of them, act surprised.

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