Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Project Month - Day 13 - Sweater Weather

my "front closet"

I love this ritual that comes with the changing of the seasons. Today I celebrated the cold weather by clearing out the closets of warm weather clothes and replacing them with sweaters, scarves and knee high socks - which I am now wearing.

Coats were pulled out of the back closet and bins of thermals were unloaded into drawers. Good-bye strappy sandals, capri's  and cotton skirts. Hello warm hats - one of which I am also currently wearing, wool sweaters and loads of long sleeves. The winter gear got moved to the "front closet" and it is jam-packed!

Even the jammies and workout drawers got a makeover with UnderArmour gear (a Baltimore staple), various fleece goodies and running caps.

gloves, hats, scarves 
(FTR ~ it'll look like this for an hour or so and then byebye order, hello chaos. Can't say I don't try.)

It's like getting a whole new wardrobe without spending a penny. Plus, who doesn't love sweater weather?

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