Monday, October 12, 2009

My Beloved Reefs

my favorites - reefs

I couldn't do it. I have been telling myself for weeks that my perfectly comfortable, vibrant flip-flops would be up for retirement when this day came. But I just couldn't do it. Look at them. Okay, I realize they are a little on the grungy side and to some they look like they should have been ousted a long time ago. But in their defense (and mine) check out the toe grooves. They're perfect. They're a second skin. They've been with me for so long, I can hardly remember another pair of perfect flip-flops. Actually there was that pair my sister gave me - the blue ones I can't remember what brand - that I wore all over Italy, but were finally retired based on the inability to rid them of their smell. And then my beautiful green Merrills with the M on top(for Mishel) that fit so well the first time I tried them on I never wanted to take them off. I loved those shoes. Loved them! Whatever happened to them anyway?... So instead of getting tossed, my reefs went into shoe hibernation until next year when I will pull them out and wonder why I saved them all winter long until I put them back on my feet almost to hear my feet sigh and marvel at the fit and fall in love all over again. I don't know whether to say fortunately or unfortunately, but about that same time catalogs will begin to flood the house full of vibrant colorful things for summer and I will find another pair of reefs or merrills or whatevers that capture my heart and I will part with my beloved reefs and the love affair will start over with a whole new pair.

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Ingrid said...

You are a great writer-- I love your blog!