Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Coming out of the Closet

I have been quiet about something for a long time and I decided to finally come out and say what I think.... I like Twilight! There you have it. I have finally said it. I like the book Twilight and to a lesser degree the 3 other books in Stephenie Meyer's series.
I have read many a blog condemning her as a writer saying she failed in her role as an LDS author and as an example, but I disagree. One of the things I have the hardest time with is the fact that so many people blame Ms. Meyers for the age of her readers. I read an interview she gave after Twilight was released and she was asked why she wrote for teens. Her answer, "I wrote for one 29 yr. old and later my 31 yr. sister. I didn't write for anyone but myself." She went on to say that a younger audience (high schoolers) picked it up because they were living in that stage currently and they could or would want to relate to the characters. (You can find the interview on, if you're interested). People, young adult means ages  18+. I agree that teenagers, especially the younger end of the spectrum shouldn't be reading these books. The books weren't written for tweens either.  As a YW President, I read the books, but didn't recommend them to any of the youth I worked with. Its published as YA fiction and that is just what it is.  I say congrats to Ms. Meyers on her success. I read today that she was voted one of Time Mag's 2008 People that Mattered. The nomination isn't what I thought was impressive so much as the commentary attached to it. Check it out if you get a sec. 
I guess I just don't dissect things the same way others might. Twilight was a fun story to read. I enjoyed it. I liked the movie. Simple minded maybe. I'm okay with that.


Jam said...

Yahoo! I'm not one to dissect her books either. Yep, the books aren't for young women. They are entertaining and that's that. Wish you were here!

Julia said...

I'm with you. The books aren't for the younger generation but I do like them myself. You're right, she can't help who's going to pick the book up and read it and that it became a teenage fad. I enjoyed it all and if I have any girls...I probably won't be recommending them :)

PS I like your header picture!

lucy said...

I see Stephenie Meyers as a successful, hardworking person who wrote a very, very interesting and yummy series! I'm glad you came out of the closet.

H. said...

Hi there Mishel. Glad to be able to check out your blog. It looks like you guys are doing great, having a boatload of fun, and being intimidatingly competent. Good for you!!