Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mmmmm... Dark Chocolate

For today's edition of things I love, I will be writing my regular post because they are one and the same: dark chocolate.
I told you I was going to make delicious desserts for Valentines' and last night was a winner: Vanilla Caramel Chocolate Tartlets from MSLiving Feb. '05. (I would have made a link but the website didn't have the recipe. If you must have it and don't have a back issue, let me know and I'll shoot you the recipe.)
We have started having the missionaries over for FHE every week. Most nights we don't eat dessert, but for the Elders and FHE, we absolutely do. Last night I tried something new.
I know the picture isn't that impressive but I can't take another because every last morsel is gone.  These little tartlets were simply amazing.  Imagine caramel from scratch infused with vanilla (instead of port), 60% dark choc. and heavy cream, poured over toasted walnuts into dark choc. tart shells and topped with vanilla ice cream and more nuts. Are you in heaven yet? Well we were. 


lucy said...

o.k. facebook me the recipe. THis looks and sounds absolutely delicious.

Karen Liu said...

Mmmm hmmmm...we are soul sistahs. I, too, am a dark chocoholic.

joleen said...

Mishel, I don't know if you're trying to tease everyone or just be mean. Next time you make a dessert like that, please invite us over too!