Sunday, February 8, 2009

Phantom of the Opera

I listen to the Phantom of the Opera a lot. Sis loves to dance around while I fix dinner with Christine singing in the background. Today though we did something different - she started asking questions. She wanted to know who was singing and she couldn't hear enough about the Phantom. I told her the story and why some songs sounded sad while others were angry and still others tender. She disappeared for a little while and when she returned she was no longer Sis, she was the *Phantom. Truly she would not answer to her name, only Phantom. She wore this costume through dinner, even saying the prayer in character. 

We watched the movie together tonight. Sis kept turning to me and saying "Mom I love this movie". A million more questions were asked before the movie was through and when it finished, she wanted to listen to the score again. I can see this is a girl who loves music in all forms: singing, instrumental, opera, musicals, etc. 

I love this side to our own little Prima Donna. She's absolutely one of a kind!

*Funny thing, I had not shown her pictures yet, nor the movie and she nailed the costume perfectly. When I asked her, she said she just knew what he looked like.


Steph said...

A kitty?! What does Jack think about that? My dog and cat keep a respectful distance, though I've always wanted to get a puppy and cat at the same time so they could grow up as buddies.
We need to see some pictures of this new feline.


Lorilee said...

I love that you got a cat right after you found a mouse in your place. Hilarious.

Emily said...

It's awesome that even thought Esther didn't know what the Phantom looks like that you have a mask and a cape so easily accessible. I love it.