Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Groundhog Day to All!

We're suffering from a raging spring fever here in Charm City!
Yes that is 2" of ice sprinkled with the needles from a discarded Christmas tree underfoot.
Can you tell we're big into bubble blowing around here?
The strategy of Jungle Tag involves a lot of waiting for the chase and staying on higher ground.

Esther trying to plant a little kiss on Et. He's having no part of it.
Could Mother Nature be more generous? Yesterday the weather here in Baltimore was 60 degrees. There was no wind. It was wonderful. We walked Jack, went to the school playground for a round of jungle-tag and wandered the neighborhood in our flip-flops.  Today is nearly as warm, currently about lovely 55 degrees. 

The cruel part about this changing of the seasons is how it teeter-totters back and forth, making you yearn for spring. You know though, there is this little part of me likes the anticipation of it all. I like the little peek-a-boos of spring and how you just know it is right around the corner, like a friend playing hide-and-seek waiting to pounce when they are discovered. You know it is going to be glorious and lovely with new scents floating in the air, new songs from the recently returned birds, and color! Glorious colors will be everywhere, hanging from tree branches and poking their heads out of newly warmed soil. You'll see color and warmth on the faces of people strolling down the street. Spring can do that you know. It can make you stroll instead of walking with a purpose. It can lift your head to the sky instead tucked down in your scarf. It can put a smile on an otherwise weary and worn face. 

I know Phil saw his shadow today, but I say phooey to that. Spring is nearly ready. She is going to burst forth. One day I will wake to see the magnolias in bloom. It will happen overnight. The air will feel different, changed, renewed. The lovely burden of winter will have passed and with it all things changed, brought to life again. I love spring. 

BTW - Can you spell Punxsutawney? It's a tough one!

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The Mathews Family said...

60 degrees?!!! Wow! I have to agree with you here. I love the anticipation of it. I love discovering the grass peaking through the snow. I also love the anticipation of gardening. We're going to try our hand out at Square Foot Gardening this year, so I'm appreciating that Spring isn't here quite yet so that I can have a few months to put together our boxes and a plan. Keep enjoying those warmish Spring days for us. Your bubble pictures are so cute! And I love reading your blog. You are such a great writer and use your words so well. Thanks!