Monday, March 9, 2009

Big Love... No Big Shock, still Big Disappointment

A friend sent me this link. It's wonderful. Take a minute to watch and then send it on if you want.
I wrote this post yesterday and didn't quite finish it. I am so glad I didn't. This morning I was on and I came across this wonderful article. It says better what I feel, but could not express and it helped me to feel a greater peace as well. The following is my original post that I included anyway.

So I am sad today to hear about the newest thing regarding the show "Big Love" on HBO. Apparently this month there is an episode where they recreate some of the LDS temple ceremonies using reproduction of the temple interior including temple clothes (all achieved with the help of an "ex-Mormon" set/costume designer). It makes me sad for the people who are creating it, those acting in it and anybody associated with it. Also, it makes me sad for those watching who may form an opinion of the LDS Church based on that show. Mostly its disheartening that the world has gotten to this point and the Church is starting to see the type of persecution we knew would come. However, as we talked about it last night Jon pointed out that when anything like this happens, and it has before now, often the result is a greater interest in the Church and an increase in missionary work. How's that for seeing the glass as half-full? He sure helps me keep my perspective sometimes. :)

Just remember...

Come what may, the Lord is in charge. He is mindful of each of us. He loves all of us. 

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LiLa said...

so true, oh i miss you guys so much right now.