Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Spring Scavenger Hunt

Despite what I think most days, spring is actually on her way. To prove this to my contradictory brain, I took the kids on a scavenger hunt to see if we could discover any clues. 

I knew spring had made an appearance somewhere in Bolton Hill and I was determined to find it. We were blessed with such a beautiful day and spring seemed to be everywhere. Not only were my toes warmed but so was my heart. And now I can wait a bit longer for spring to make her appearance because I know she's on her way.One of the things I love most about early spring bulbs is their tenacity. They can be buried under inches of winter mulch and snow and still find a way to break through. Often they are the smallest flowers of spring but they are so determined. Makes me want to spend time with them - maybe some of that determination will rub off.

If I had stayed any longer in UT, I would have planted a witch hazel. 
This will be my mode of gardening this year - pots.
Look at what these snowdrops had to break through to see the sun. Serious determination there.

I think this is a flowering quince. I am going to walk by everyday to check its progress. Quince is one of my very springtime favorites.

The first daffodils of the year here in Bolton Hill. Yeah!!

Crown Imperial is one of my favorite springtime too. It look so out of place and yet so striking.

*I am still working on my garden blog, hoping to launch on Monday. My first post may have similar pics to this one, but I hope it will be interesting enough to check it out. I'll post the link on Sunday PM or Monday AM.


LaurieJ said...

I now have a north facing home (hate it) and I won't see my bulbs for another month or so...
Glad you can enjoy spring now :-)

Karen Liu said...

So excited to see your garden blog!!

ang said...

i found some crocuses today (i think that's what they are...)! can't wait for the new blog too!