Sunday, March 8, 2009

Good Friends and Federal Hill

Our friends, the Fugals, came into town this weekend. We were so happy to have them stay with us. The weather on Saturday was in the seventies, so we went down to the harbor and wandered about. I think everyone in Baltimore had the same idea. 
I love this pic of my two guys. They are so flippin' handsome and so similar.
A little exercise in balance and harmony - we didn't do so well. ;)

In front of the USS Contellation. It is such a beautiful ship! Part of it is currently under restoration hence the plastic windows were cannons should be.
Jon teased that this pic would make it on the blog. What a smart fella!

After strolling around we ended up at Federal Hill. What a view!! On the top of FH is a great little park. You can see the waterfront perfectly.
Sis waited so patiently for a swing to open up as there were only two "big-kid" swings at the park.
Peace, Love and Bananas - That about sums it up for Sis.
The park we normally walk to doesn't have swings, so the kids were in heaven.
To make you feel alive and young, there's nothing better than watching kids on the swings, except maybe for swinging on them yourself.

Ironically, none of these pics have our friends in them. They were usually on the other end of the lens or chasing their own short people around. J&C  thanks for coming -we love you guys!


Laura said...

i love baltimore harbor. so fun. and you look so good! (in a skinny, tan way, too)

Lorilee said...

Fun weekend. I love the pic of you and Jon together.

jays fyoogal said...

Thanks for having us! We had a great time as we always do with you. See you in NYC soon.