Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snowed In

Last Friday a big storm system came through town. We were headed back from VA when it rolled in. It dropped nearly two feet of snow before it was finished. Then a few days later, another system blew through leaving maybe six inches more. And in the last 36 hours we got another 12+ inches.  Needless to say, we're not going anywhere for awhile. We haven't been going anywhere for the last five days.  Here's how the snow has effected us in that time:

church last week - cancelled
stake conference this week - postponed
power bill - doubled (as if it wasn't already scary enough)
MICA(Jon's school) - closed all but one day in the last seven
Members' night at the Nat'l Aquarium - cancelled
violin lessons - cancelled
youth basketball - cancelled
youth Temple trip - postponed
friends' birthday party - postponed twice
waistline - expanding
sense of time - gone

I feel like I have had five Saturdays in a row. I have to check my phone to see what day it is. It feels like Christmas break all over again. Is it really Thursday today?

This is a how we've been filling the hours...

snowshoeing around our neighborhood
the makings of a snowcave
homemade valentines
Et's neverending supply of legos
too many gingersnaps
games, games and more games
a couple of good books
watch instantly - as no movies are getting to us through the mail
we're memorizing the Gettysburg address and making homemade lightsabers
Et torturing Claudio with bionocles

In short, we've been getting up late, eating gallons of soup, reading, bundling into snow clothes for hours of outside play, reading, drinking gallons of cocoa, watching tons of movies, reading, playing games, doing little schoolwork and loving most every minute of it. I mean, how often are you truly snowed in?!


Cameron/Melissa said...

Being snowed in is the best. It is a great way to meet the neighbors and enjoy snow ball fights. I love being snowed in!

Ingrid said...

JEA-LOUS! Send some our way! (I meant snow, but if you are so inclined, gingersnaps are also welcome!).
Love you!

Lorilee said...

So fun!! I thought of you this morning when GMA said how much snow you guys were getting. It was a chilly 61 degrees here yesterday. and the bee boxes are out.
BTW you are the coolest mom ever to snowshoe and build snow caves.

joleen said...

I was thinking of u as i watched the news last night! way to turn it into a great adventure!

Steph said...

Wow, not even the mail can get through?

Likely said...

your snowed-in house was much more fun and delicious than mine.