Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The hallway closet.... AAGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!

As I prepare to attack the hallway closet, I have the sound from JAWS in the back of my mind... Da-dat...  da-dat..   da-dat, da-dat, da-dat. My heart starts to race a little. I get goosebumps. The adrenaline pumps through my body. I throw open the doors.  AAAGGGHHHHHH!!

The hallway closet is mine. It is pretty large, maybe 6'+ wide and 2 1/2 deep. My original plan was to use it for a sewing area, but once there was  a flat surface set up(in the form of a desk) it became a catch-all. There is no electricity in the closet, so sewing never really materialized. No power source also meant no lights, so instead of using the space as an actual workstation it was relegated to storage. 

Let me say - this ends now. I am filled with the sewing bug, not to mention the fact that I shudder everytime I open the doors. As a woman who prides herself on her organizing prowess, I have to admit I am ashamed. :(

Earlier this week I made a trip to IKEA and HDepot for supplies and now I feel armed and ready to take it on. By Fridays' post, I hope to be able to show you before and afters. And if everything comes together like I imagine it, you will be dazzled. Okay, so dazzled is way too exciting a word, but you might at least be inspired to tackle your own "hallway" closet (whatever thing you have been putting off) with gusto.

Better get to painting. Wish me luck!


LaurieJ said...

Good Luck! I need some of your motivation...can you send some this way?

Bridget said...

That is so exciting. I finally got a bookshelf! IKEA had a lovely clearance one and now I feel so much more organized too. No more books on our table (dining table) anymore! It does feel so good to organize. Good luck! I can't wait to see the pictures!

ang said...

can't wait to see it!!!

Ingrid said...

Yeah, I was dazzled. In no way is that too strong a word. It is, in fact, inadequate. I am trying to think of a good word here...... "stunned!" "In awe!" "Blown away!" I knew you had it in you, but I am STILL impressed!