Sunday, February 15, 2009


So tonight we watched disc 2 from Seinfeld Season 5, the one with the masseuse, the cigar-store Indian, where Jerry gets a haircut...  Jon and I were LOL when you see Jerry's hair and again when he takes his hat off to show Elaine. I love belly-laughing like that. So many great one-liners on that disc! Kramer: "I'm as loose as cream corn" (after the massage); In the barber shop when Enzo says to Jerry, "You tella the joke, I cutta the hair"; Or where Jerry is talking to Wynnona (native American) and he has to stop himself from saying 'reservation', 'scalper' and 'Indian-giver'; Or when George's dad grounds him for breaking the rules while they were away on vacation. Too good.

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ang said...

Ha ha! Gotta love Seinfeld!